Committees (2018)

Amicus Committee : Chair, Diana Richmond

The amicus committee monitors important cases pending before the various courts. The committee considers requests that the chapter become involved in amicus positions with respect to important issues and makes recommendations to the board of managers.

Awards Committee: Chair, Chris Emley

The awards committee considers candidates for various awards given by the chapter and makes recommendations to the board of managers regarding recipients of such awards.

Board of Examiners/Membership Committee: Chair, Diana Richmond

The board of examiners is made up of the voting members of the board of managers. This board reviews applications for Fellowship to the Northern California chapter and makes recommendations to the national board of examiners. Note that the national board is the body that makes the final decisions regarding membership.

Charitable Contributions Committee: Chair, Sarah Killingsworth

The charitable contributions committee considers applications for charitable contributions and recommends how funds available for charitable contributions shall be distributed. The committee also reviews scholarship applications for the Symposium and Trial Practicum and makes recommendations for scholarship awards.

Legislative Liaison: John Hodson

The legislative liaison’s tasks include ongoing dialogue with ACFLS regarding pending legislation, monitoring significant pending litigation and keeping fellows informed, polling our membership to determine if the chapter wishes to propose legislation or take positions regarding significant pending litigation.

Membership Development: Chair, Clay Greene

The membership development committee oversees new member recruitment with special attention to increasing the geographic diversity of members as well as other factors; oversees new member announcements and implements the “buddy system” and overall mentorship to new fellows; and increases chapter participation in our activities.

Mentoring: Co-Chairs, Andrea Palash and Gretchen Wallacker

The mentoring committee administers the mentoring program in many of the Bay Area counties, where AAML fellows supervise, educate and facilitate networking for groups of up to 30 young lawyers.

2018 Symposium Committee: Chairs Brigeda Bank

The Symposium committee plans, organizes and presents our chapter’s annual Symposium. The next Symposium will be May 5-7, 2017.

2018 Trial Practicum Committee: Co-Chairs, Michele Bissada and Gretchen Wallacker

Every other year, the Trial Practicum committee puts on a week-long educational program that will teach young lawyers the skills they need to handle a trial from start to finish.  The next Practicum will be October 24-27, 2018.