Fellow of the Year Award:

The Fellow of the Year Award recognizes those Fellows who have made extraordinary contributions to the community, outside of their AAML participation, to charitable events, charitable organizations or to the enhancement of the legal profession.


2017: Tony Dick

2016: Garrett Dailey

2015: Ann Fallon

2014: Pamela Pierson

2013: Jennifer Jackson

2012: Lorie Nachlis

2011: Ron Granberg

2010: Bob Blevans; Richard Barry

2009: Sherry Cassedy; Shannon Minter and Teresa Stewart

2008: Margaret Anderson – Christopher Emley – Ann Fallon – Diana Richmond

2007: Suzie Thorn

2006: John McCall


C. Rick Chamberlin Award:

The C. Rick Chamberlin Award recognizes a non-AAML Fellow who has made extraordinary contributions to the family law community.


2017:  Larry Moskowitz

2016: Judge Beverly Wood

2014: Beth Hassett, WEAVE

2013: Claire Barnes, Kids’Turn

2012: Dawn Gray

2011:  Judith Soley (posthumously)

2010:  Robert McCreadie

DeGoff and Sherman Award:

The DeGoff and Sherman Award for Meaningful Contributions to the Improvement of Family Law was established 2008.  The recipient could be a lawyer, judicial officer, mental health professional, journalist, academic, community activist, local or state legislator, government official.  All family lawyers and judicial officers throughout the state can nominate potential recipients.  A $2,500 contribution is made in the recipient’s honor to the charity of the recipient’s choice.


2016: Nancy Lemon, Family Violence Appellate Project

2015: Emberly Cross, Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic

2014: Betty Nordwind, Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law

2013: Stephen Adams, Friends of the Joseph Branch

2012: Hon. Donald B. King

2011: Jeanne B. Ames (posthumously), mediator

2010: Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco