AAML-NorCal Announces Charitable Contributions for 2014


The Northern California Chapter of AAML puts on its popular Symposium each year featuring high-end and sophisticated presentations to educate and inspire family law attorneys of all levels of expertise. We also provide an annual Trial Practicum, in which our fellows and experts from all over Northern California donate their time to teach young attorneys trial skills and effective, ethical family law practice.

Substantially all of the proceeds from these activities are traditionally donated to local charities who submit applications to our Charitable Donations committee. Since 2004, the chapter has donated in excess of $150,000 to local worthy causes. In 2014 the following grants, totaling $15,000, were awarded:

  • Family Violence Appellate Project (Berkeley, domestic violence)
  • Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic (SF, domestic violence)
  • Yurok Tribal Court (Yurok tribe, Del Norte and Humboldt Counties)
  • Family and Children’s Law Center (Marin, domestic violence and general family law)
  • California Parenting Institute (Sonoma Kids Turn)
  • STAND! (Contra Costa, domestic violence)
  • COPE (Napa Kids Turn)
  • Don Sagatun Edwards (Santa Clara, therapy/therapeutically supervised visitation for children in divorce)
  • Harmony at Home (Monterey County)
  • Legal Aid of San Mateo (San Mateo, teen parent project)

 Total grants:  $15,000


Charitable Contributions Committee:

Sarah Killingsworth, Chair
Diana Richmond
Andrea Palash
Kathryn Fox
Samantha DeJean
Charles DeLacey
Greg Abel
Carol Salvagione
Tanya Prioste