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American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) is the leader in Family Law continuing education, publications, networking and training. Since 1962 AAML has operated as a nonprofit association of Family Lawyers who have experience and concentrate in all issues related to marriage, divorce, child custody and visitation, annulment, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, matters affecting unmarried cohabitants, business valuation and property distribution, alimony, and support.

The nearly 1500 Family Lawyers who have earned the distinction of AAML Fellowship, practice throughout the United States and are also a member of one of the Academy’s 33 state-wide Chapters.  By demonstrating the highest standards of matrimonial practice, Fellows of the Academy have set the standard for the matrimonial bar. They have helped improve the quality of family law practice throughout the country for attorneys and litigants alike.

Our success is achieved through AAML Members and Chapters. We value the shared commitment to improving the lives of Family Lawyers and the clients they serve. AAML provides all Fellows the opportunity to unparalleled virtual and in-person professional continuing education, seminars, recognition through networking opportunities, referral opportunities and best in class Family Law Journal and Publications.

AAML Northern California Chapter

Most states have local AAML Chapters, and Fellows participate with their local Chapters and the AAML national organization. The AAML Northern California Chapter was founded in San Francisco in the early 1960s and is one of the most active Chapters in the country. Fellows of the Chapter practice in the northern half of the State of California, which includes all counties between Fresno and the Oregon border.

Our Chapter provides continuing legal education to hundreds of lawyers each year. Through our Annual Spring Symposium and Biennial Trial Practicum, our Chapter provides the highest quality education for California's lawyers.

The Chapter funds its charitable giving with the registration fees from these events. The Chapter also meets regularly and holds educational events for its Fellows, drafts and sponsors amicus briefs to the US Supreme Court and other appellate courts, and sponsors, and sponsors a round table for Northern California judges to share ideas and policies.


President: Renee Ross

President-Elect:  Romy S. Taubman

Treasurer: Victoria K. Lewis

Secretary: Kelly Shindell DeLacey

Immediate Past President: Michèle Bissada

Board Member: Andrea Palash

Board Member: Yasmine Mehmet

Board Member: Brandon Blevans

Board Member: Gretchen Rubel

National Delegate: Ron Granberg

Chapter Counsel: Shane Ford


2022 Joseph P. Crawford
2021 Gretchen Wallacker
2020 Geniveve Ruskus
2019 Renee Chernus
2018 Deborah J. Marx
2017 Ellen Stross
2016 John Harding (dec.)
2015 Lorie Nachlis
2014 Sharon Mah
2013 Brigeda Bank
2012 Larry Moskowitz
2011 Ronald Granberg
2010 Hal D. Bartholomew
2009 Andrea Leigh Palash
2008 David A. Fink
2006-07 Belinda Hanson
2005-06 Jennifer F. Jackson

2004-05 Robert E. Blevans
2003-04 Lana L. Norris
2002-03 Robert H. Miller
2001-02 Alan Tanenbaum
2000-01 Margaret L. Anderson
1999-00 Madeleine B. Simborg
1998-99 Richard C. Berra
1997-98 Lowell H. Sucherman
1996-97 Lynne Yates-Carter
1995-96 Anthony S. Dick
1994-95 John D. Rothschild
1993-94 John P. McCall
1992-93 Peggy L. Bennington
1991-92 Richard Sherman
1990-91 Pamela E. Pierson
1989-90 Rick C. Chamberlin (dec.)
1988-89 Diana Richmond

1987-88 Nordin F. Blacker (dec.)
1986-87 Ruth Rymer
1985-86 Harry A. Hanson, Jr.
1984-85 Cecilia D. Lannon
1983-84 Phillip L. Hammer
1982-83 Richard F. Barry
1981-82 Stephen Adams
1980-81 Suzie S. Thorn
1979-80 Merrill E. Steinberg
1978-79 George H. Norton (dec.)
1977-78 James P. Preovolos (dec.)
1976-77 Isabella Horton Grant (dec.)
1975-76 Ann L. Diamond (dec.)
1974-75 Lawrence A. Stotter
1972-74 Roy A. Sharff (dec.)
1968-72 Lawrence A. Stotter and Roy A. Sharff (dec.)

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AAML NorCal Fellows are leading voices in the most critical issues in California Family Law. Our academic programs and professional networking provide unparalleled opportunities to upgrade expertise while raising the level of Family Law practice. Learn more about membership today.

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